Top Ways to Snack Smarter

None of us can escape the urge to munch but it inevitably leads of adding that flab in your body. What people do not realize that just a little smartness on your snacking habit can help you block that weight gain and enjoy the pleasures of having a snack. We mention some simple strategies to adopt and reap benefits:-

Plan ahead

Opting for healthy snacks over the fast food ones and unhealthy ones are the first and very simple change that you must adopt. This requires planning and preparation in advance. Your cupboards and fridge should be cleaned of all fattening, starchy high-calorie foods. Instead, they should be replaced with low carb snacks as well as high protein snacks like ready to eat chopped and raw salad vegetables and fruits, low-fat yogurt, protein bars or even low carb snacks that you have precooked and kept aside to sate your cravings.

Keep short time between eating times

It is always better to eat light and at regular short intervals rather than going full and not eating for a long period of time. If the gap between two meals is extended, it is possible that your blood sugar levels dip too low inducing cravings which make you actually over indulge yourself. Nutritionists have pointed out that under-eating is the biggest cause of overeating.

Go for nuts

To satiate your midday slump, try going for a small portion of nuts like almonds, walnuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, hazelnuts, etc. Their quantity should be low due to their high calories, but they also give you the much-needed heart healthy fiber and skin glowing nutrients.

Chew your food well

We all tend to eat our food fast, but studies have shown that people who really chew their food well tend to go fuller for a much longer period of time with no food cravings hitting them. Thus it’s best to spend time chewing the food you are eating.

Finally always put plenty of varieties in your snacks, and you are not getting bored, and your taste buds remain sated. Healthy snacks are a great way for you actually to obtain your optimal health and a healthy glow.